Aerion Solutions Company (LLC) is focused on business process optimization through production and implementation of different software solutions as well as outsourcing services of business intelligence and business analytics.

Our solutions include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence) and other solutions.

We are exclusive distributor of SAP OEM Partner ERP Consulting Ltd. from Sarajevo for SAP Business One for the Serbian market.


We are able to offer you localized (adjusted to rules and given in the Serbian language) ERP solution SAP Business One, developed by German Company SAP AG.

ERP system SAP Business One is finally available to companies in Serbia and it includes these modules:

  • Administration
  • Financials
  • Sales opportunities
  • Sales A/R
  • Purchasing A/P
  • Business partners
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Services
  • MRP-Material Requirements Planning
  • Human resources
  • Reports

Besides the standard version, there is also SAP Business One version for SAP HANA disposable to you, in-memory platform with integrated Business intelligence for big data analysis and for reporting in real-time.

SAP Business One offers a strong analytical and reporting tool. It includes completely integrated SAP Crystal Reports, which makes you able to collect data from more sources and generate necessary reports.

SAP Business One supports web access alternatives, in other words, direct access to system from any location, as well as access via mobile phones (Android, IOS) – which makes you able to stay in touch with your business activities even when you are out of office.

Unlike different solutions from the same family and with the same functionalities - SAP Business One presents affordable ERP solution for small size enterprises (according to SAP’s standards up to 99 users) and middle size enterprises (according to SAP’s standards up to 999 users), even though there are no limitations in number of users .

  • Aeron Analytics - BI Reporting and BI Solutions

    Investing in infrastructure, expensive software and Business Intelligence experts in order to have business and achieved results analytics and KPIs available to you on time, is now past.

    Aeron Analytics is outsourcing service focused on commercial systems and it is designed for top managers to whom it enables, through analysis of different systems of your company’s data, to gain regular and ad hoc reports and to predict trends by using our Business Intelligence solution adjusted to you and your company needs.

    Aeron Analytics will help you to increase your business efficiency, enable to analyze business processes and evaluate their performances. As a result you are able to increase sales and at the same time your clients’ satisfaction. Our BI solution and service will allow you to systematically perceive, process and present data that concerns your business, your competitors, buyers and market changes. Having insight into this information you will be in a position to create and conduct better quality operative and strategic decisions and to simplify business processes and flows.

    Through support of our solutions and services you will get detailed insight into the business, along with perception of contemporary trends as well as forecast of future trends based on collected data and through random variable number which will help you to make your business decisions based on this relevant information and to take action in accordance with it.

    In our offer we will soon also have modular solutions with integrated Business Intelligence:

    • Sales
    • Merchandising
    • Consumer & Trade Engagement


    Partner company:


  • Aerion Font Office Tool is a web-based integrated solution with electronic registry, electronic archive and outgoing mail functionalities.

    Functionalities of Aerion Front Office Tool solutions are:

    • Electronic registry
    • Possibility of automatic record keeping of incoming/outgoing documentation
    • Possibility of record keeping via number and/or sub-number
    • Possibility of record keeping via barcodes
    • Possibility of predefined choice of recipient/sender
    • Electronic overview of a document - incoming/outgoing
    • Sending documentation to an email directly from application
    • Possibility of different ways of searching
    • Automatized production of received lists with all necessary data for different kind of mails
    • Price calculator for outgoing mail
    • Integrated outgoing mail reports
    • Possibility of having big number of users from different locations
    • Possibility of having different access level
  • In order to make your business profitable, it is necessary to focus on client. CRM is a group of tools for running business and relationship with clients. By using CRM system, clients’ satisfaction will be gained through familiarizing with them and through good communication, and again you will have complete insight into the work you do with your clients (present and future), sending offers, contracts or orders and other reports as well as tracking the work results of your employees during the process of achieving company’s sales targets.

    Our CRM application is in cloud technology or on your server, which means that you are enabled access through all gadgets with internet connection (PC, mobile phone, tablet) from any location, without any investments into hardware and desktop software.

    Usage of CRM solution is based on monthly fee payment according to the number of users.


No matter how many years of experience you have or if you have just started building your career, we believe that you will be satisfied as a member of our team.

List of part of benefits we give to our employees:

  • Private health insurance
  • Minimum 23-day vacation
  • Subsidies for kindergarten fees
  • Professional trainings
  • External seminars
  • Rewards
  • Flexible working hours (IT department)

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